Halloween: Zombies in the Mall; Bottles in the Park

Holidays abroad are just never quite the same as at home. You’re far away from the people you typically celebrate with, and so you get together with a series of new people, all of whom have different traditions, different dates, different foods. Sometimes the holidays are adapted and warped: in Korea, Christmas is seen as a couple’s holiday (like… most holidays, actually), and people buy a cake and wear dumb hats. Foreign holidays, like foreign foods, get reprocessed through the local lens to fit the tastes of the people. It’s not wrong or bad, but it feels like staring into a funhouse mirror of the day you held dear at home. Where you would have turkey, and family, and months and months of crass commercialism here, or obscene amounts of chocolate tangentially connected to Jesus or something there, far from home those things are absent. They are distorted. They are not the holiday you remember.

The dead. Technically: White Trash Zombie, Hipster Zombie, and Zombie Baseball Player.

But Halloween, it seems, remains unscathed.

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Seasonal Affective Zombie Disorder

A nice day on the pier

Related stock photo for opening metaphor? Oh, do I have some.

Children, en masse, are like the sea. They are capricious and dangerous, and awing and inspiring, and also maybe filled with crustaceans. Their emotions are torrential and stormy, and a bad mood creeping over their waters can spell marine tragedy for whatever wayfaring, Ishmael-esque figure decides to brave the waves. And they are controlled by the season, by the moon and the sun, by the passing of time, and the slow burn of spring into summer, the great chill of fall into winter. The tides shift and become impassable, and then suddenly the waters calm.

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