Dirge of the Stifled Fast-Walker

Okay, everyone: trudge!

I generally hate all sentences that start with “All Koreans [x].” It’s frighteningly common in the expat community in Korea to make grand, sweeping estimations of the Korean people, from the depths of our great and all-knowing experiences. In the place of [x] is usually something benign or nonsensical or vaguely racist from which the speaker derives untold umbrage. For every sentence like this that I have endured, millions of counter examples float to my mind, as do caveats, and comparisons to other countries, and a vague, flavourless boredom, tempered with dull rage.

This is all preface. I don’t make generalizations lightly, you see. And I will only do it when something is seriously detrimental to my ongoing well-being.

Thus, I say this: Koreans are slow walkers.

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