China: Unusual Circumstance and Abnormal Happening


I often try to play up my independence and capability at life, but there are certainly times when I still feel like a quivering, gelatinous little boy at the prospect of adult responsibility. This is especially true if it entails taking care of myself in any capacity, and doing so in a foreign country, despite, you know, having actively lived in one for the last year and a half, is still high on that list. So when I touched down in China alone, without a guide or a terribly diverse arsenal of Mandarin at my disposal and a two hour route to my accommodation, I was slightly intimidated.

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China Photoglut: Top the Bongwer

Boats and pagodasThat my life of the last two months has consisted almost entirely of being on vacation has made it somewhat difficult to generate your regular supplement of verbiage. My feet are worn, leathery husks, my belly is full of the strange and the delicious, and my brain feels as though it was encased in a quivering, wriggly layer of jello, from which there is no safe passage. As always in these times, I instead bring you photos from my vacation: part bragging, part stalling, all filler! Roil in the joyousness of my time in Suzhou and Shanghai, and imagine yourself possessing my person through astral projection and time travel, and being there to explore the land with your/my own eyeballs.

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