The Art of the Soju Bottle: Nami Island and Misc. Photoglut

Lonely duck

Being on the other side of some 15,000 miles of travel and about two full days inside of airports, I’m a little bagged. I have a lot to say about my sudden and unfortunately occasioned return to my hometown, but I need to rein it in for a few days and allow the words to percolate, to somehow find the sweet-spot between embarrassingly heart-sleeved, too-soon self-analysis, and the slavish self-deprecation humour that I like to think I specialize in. As usual, I stall with photographs. Not long before I went to Toronto, I went to Nami Island, a little romance hotspot for Koreans because of a popular K-drama, and also weird hub of public, green art. And before before that, I did some other things. Bask in the glory of my life, and also a weird Korean chihuahua-squirrel thing.

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