Huangshan Miniglut: Beginning to Believe Peak

Valley over Huangshan

After a weekend hiking the various beauteous ridges of the Huangshan mountain area, I am left a little bereft of words. I saw a number of them available at the park: most of the various points of interest were all named hilariously, like a bunch of Christian inspirational albums masquerading as a mountainous region. Of course, with these words in mind, and my own words sapped out of me by so much sun and hiking, I’m a little dry on things to bring to you. My legs are achey, and so is my face, so here are the pretty pictures, is what I’m saying.

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Ganghwa Photoglut: We Will See Mountain Flowers, And Eat Delicious Food

Valley towns

The title is also the description I was given of our staff club day excursion to nearby Ganghwa island. From this, I did not quite decipher that “see flowers” meant “engage in arduous hike” and thus did not come prepared with adequate footwear or clothing. School let out early, and most of the staff piled onto the bus, and we rushed off to the wilderness across the enormous airport island bridge. The extent of my preparation was carrying my bulky camera and the ziploc full of snackfoods that the staff handed to me upon embarking the bus. I wheedled a Korean teacher into using the English he claimed not to know, and off we went into the wilderness.

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