Glorious Seoraksan: Traffic, Mountaineering, and a Lack of Naked Sitting

Me and the majesty. Photo courtesy of Angela Castro.

I am not in shape. It’s not something I’m terribly concerned about, but I say it to preface that, for whatever reason, I also have this weird tendency to do exhausting, unseemly hikes. Throughout Europe and on into Korea, I willingly sign up for grueling, multi-hour trudgings through deep, vast bogs, along the sides of slippery, sweltering coastal cliffs, or up the sides of various and sundry mountains. I somehow manage to do them, huffing and sweaty and large pile of goo that I become once I finish. And I am left to wonder, always, how the hell I managed not to die.

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Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: Seoraksan Photoglut

It's Korea, I swearWhile I will soon deign to fix upon you with a ballast of my verbiage about how I hiked for two days through Seorak Mountain park, for now, you get a picture post. What with the actual physical exertion and whatnot, I am rendered incapable of waxing on about my experiences, so I’ll let my camera do the talking. Behold: Seoraksan, some nearby waterfalls, some staircases, and one of the few encounters with Korean wildlife.

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