Phnom Penh: The Sleaze Hierarchy

Phnom Penh skies.

Our bus out of Siem Reap was a sort of giant mini-van, lodged with many seats, all Cambodian-sized. This is to say: tiny. I am not a tall man, and even I sat mostly with my kneecaps braced against the seat in front of me. The road was long and meandering, though beautiful and serene which allowed us to space out and enjoy, interrupted only by the incredibly regular and lengthy phonecalls taken by every Cambodian on the bus (the folks we rode with were popular, some of them getting calls roughly once every four minutes for the six hour bus ride). The sun set, the roads darkened, and we could no longer see the cows lolling parallel to our path, but in a few hours, we were in the capital of Phnom Penh.

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Cambodia Photoglut: You Need Tuk-Tuk?

You have to like it
Through the magic of wireless internet and scheduling posts for later dates, this blog has been magically spinning out my glorious bon mots for the last two weeks. The last two weeks while I was off gallivanting in south Asia! Oh, the trickery, oh the deceit. I will certainly have a bevy of words for you to ingest and roil about in within the next week or so, but for now, my brain feels as chapped and sun-worn as my hide. I am barely capable of human speech, let alone thousands of little symbols representing human speech. Instead, I bring you, like your doddering old great great third cousin, photographs from my vacation. Bask!

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