Starter Kit

The Thoughtful PigeonGentle reader, I can tell that you are scared and perplexed by my mighty and terrifying (and nigh unnavigable!) archives. “Where should I even begin?” you plaintively wail. “How can I best consume as much Stupid Ugly Foreigner without collapsing from exhaustion and diphtheria?”

Fret not, dear hearts. I have come to aid you, to guide you into the depths, to bestow upon you only the most critical and wondrous of my words. True, I put out nothing but polished jewels of blogging supremacy, but some diamonds sparkle even amongst the other gems.

The Best of Stupid Ugly Foreigner

A selection of the choicest posts, as selected by the WordPress staff, the teeming hordes who viewed and commented, and the self-fulfilling ego loop developed by these posts’ popularity.

Adulthood: No One Told Me There Would be Laundry

Seasonal Affective Zombie Disorder

Loving the Frankenstein Language

CoRS: Restaurants (My Kingdom for a Bing-Bong)

Bean-Paste Soup for the Soul

I loved Korea, and living there was the original premise for this very blog! No journey through SUF history is complete without discussing the land of morning calm.

The Unoverheard

We Can’t Stop Here, This is Traffic Country

Take Me Out to the Ballgame (If You Must)

Good for Man: Squid Brains and the Strength of Your Junk


I learned Korean, and taught English, and also journeyed to other places and royally destroyed their beautiful grammars with my wretched articulators. Suck on it, Chomsky.

The Decline of my English: Fly to Your Imagination with the Art

This is Your Brain on Second Language

The Lopsided Linguist

The Banana Octopus Crisis

Dispatches from the Warzone

Yes, I am a certified teacher, and I have some stories from the classroom.

Fifth Graders in Amber

Urination is For the Weak: Incidental Teaching Skills

Teach to the Grave

Tales from the Road

I live to travel, and I travel to live. Also, dumb things occasionally happen to me when I journey beyond Canada and the comfort zone.

The Secret Lives of Chinese Language Malaysian Foodcourt Karaoke Performers

The Howth Scale of Travel Adversity

Burned Out on Splendour

The Farang Effect: Why is This Restaurant Crawling with German Tourists?

Stupid Ugly Foreigner Deep Cuts

The most searched, the most strange, the most curious mementos of my life on the road thusfar. Brought to you by my capricious whims and the rather disturbing trends that emerge in the Google searches for this blog.

The Epic Saga of My Fridge

Customer Service, or, The Mandatory Service Dumplings

The Quest for the Foreign Haircut

The Unpopped Personal Bubble

Nomad Heart

Go forth and be prepared for all that might face you in this world. Never let ’em say that Stupid Ugly Foreigner let you down.

6 thoughts on “Starter Kit

  1. Your blog will keep me entertained for months 😀 Btw, any story behind the name SUF? My curiosity of the name brought me here actually and I am thankful that you decided to christen your blog with this strange name.

    • Thanks! I’m glad to hear of readers who have been around for a while!

      There’s not really a grand tale to it. When I was leaving teacher’s college I believed I was going to move to Japan, and I thought up the name “Stupid Ugly Gaijin” and was so pleased with myself (it’s a frequent feeling) that I registered the name on blogspot or some other host soon after. When I found out it would be Korea instead, I altered the name and kept it. Other names have come into my mind that are probably more current and more reflective of my style and what I find funny now, but at this point I’ve had the name so long it would feel weird to change it.

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