Coming to Terms

Dearest humans,

It is with deep regret (and deep tardiness, apparently) that I post this, what is likely my last thing as Stupid Ugly Foreigner for the foreseeable future. Know that it is out of my respect for you that I write this, as I believe in closure, and I feel like a turd going out on a post that calls my departure a hiatus.

The ease with which blogging slipped out of my life lately confirmed the gooey, honest truth for me: that I was needed elsewhere. That my home planet was calling me. That somewhere out there, there was a bowl of noodles going cold, uneaten by my face.

I am still writing, of course. Fiction was my jam long before I was bloggering, and although I like both I think it is time I direct my creative juices (cranberry flavoured!) towards making something different. I am working on a project right now (it involves clones, horned aliens, and all of the pathos you can get) which I feel very excited and proud of. It’s not yet ready for human consumption (although people interested in reading drafts of short stories can always email me and by my friend), but maybe one day soon it will.

This is both easy and hard. Easy in that the internet has always been ethereal nonsense, a whiff of smoke and electrons sparkling on my laptop, and closing the lid does not take a lot of energy. It is hard because I have been very proud of this blog and the things I have put up here. I have bared my heart, my brain, and all but my butt in how frank I have been about my failings in life. I have written some things I am very, very proud of, and also some things I am deeply embarrassed of. I have chronicled several years of my life in pictures and words, and some people read it, and they even liked it!

I have really appreciated all of you who have read, liked, shared and commented over the years (Jesus, it really has been years). I feel honoured to have had an audience at all, especially one so encouraging and pleasant.

I hope to see you all again, out there. I may blog again in the future, and knowing my own need for yammering, I will certainly always have at least one outlet for my stupid thoughts on the world (@ironcardigan, y’all!). But until then, may the roads you walk be long, the bowls of soup you eat be tasty, and the plane rides you take be less-than-farty.

See you on the road.

15 thoughts on “Coming to Terms

  1. Although I did not often comment on your blogs, I truly enjoyed them. You brought places I have not visited to life and not just with pictures. You can certainly turn a phrase. I will miss your thoughts. Keep well and travel onward.

  2. Thank you for sharing tidbits of your experiences. I greatly enjoyed the way in which you shared your thoughts here on SUF and I hope to one day read your other works!

    Thank you for the closure.
    Sincerely, MT

  3. I always meant to comment, but never have until today. I was told you had posted your final blog and I thought when I read it that I would cry. But I didn’t, not until I read the comments. I’ve enjoyed your blog for all these years.

  4. I enjoyed each article especially due to your writing style. In the past months I already missed your articles but there is always hope for us creepy followers to enjoy perhaps someday in the future another new thing from you.

  5. You will certainly be missed, but I wish you the best on your new endeavors.

    I’m hoping though, selfishly, that you will not delete the blog? My husband and I are planning to take a 3 month trip through SE Asia in 2016 and, as your writing contributed directly to our wanderlust, I’d love to be able to turn to this as a resource. Thank you for sharing your soul, and your passion.

  6. I am sad to read this! I am an American living in Europe, and your colorful descriptions and diverse experiences brightened many of my days. It was comforting to hear stories of someone else floundering with a language and culture.

  7. Michael. Really have been missing your blog, but understand what you want to do now. Look forward to a magnum opus in due course. Had good time with mom & dad in September. Hope he visits you in China. Cheers. Geoff and Bronach.

  8. I’ve been away from blogging for quite sometime to have not known that you have already left. Sad to say that my first comment had to be this one. I should have had told you how awesome and crazy your blog had been all these years but that doesn’t matter anymore now. Keep enjoying life and spread laughter all around! But please keep this blog for your followers to return to. It’s a living testament of who you are. Thank you so much SUF!

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