Hangzhou Photoglut: Experimental Gloomtography

Hangzhou Title Pic

Behold glorious Hangzhou, city of a very nice lake, some cool pagodas, and actual woodlands! I can barely stand all the nature. Alas, like most weekends of late this particular weekend was shrouded in dark clouds and a hazy mistglob that covered all the lands in grey. Well, being China: greyer. Luckily, the Hangzh’ was still very pretty in its own dreary, spooky way, and I have collected a day’s worth of photography for you to point your oculoids at. Continue beholding.

Most of the day I had was spent trudging around some actual foresty area that surrounded the eastern side of the West Lake. If you have lived in or heard of China, you might understand quite what a lovely change this is. As someone who grew up a five-minute’s walk from forest at any given time in my hometown, being away from trees and long grass and precious isolation is a very weird experience for me. My friends were there, but you can’t tell, because I was trailing behind swanning around in the dark paths between the trees, loving the fact that I couldn’t hear traffic.
Manicured Woods

Whenever I see prohibition-type signs, I like to imagine a Footloose style town surrounding whatever particular practice is forbidden. Imagine the town of Hangzhou, where no one is allowed to lie down. Ever. Beds are all stand up coffins with little doohickeys that hook in your armpits and support your weight. Hospitals operate exclusively with hanggliders.

No Lying

The sun was semi-visible at some points, but luckily photoshop will fix that.

Tree rope

And lastly, let’s vintage up that picture of the bride on the lonely bridge in front of the lake. Because why not.

Wedding Gloom


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