Singapore Photoglut: An Expensive Beverage and a Filthy Blood Pond

Singapore Photoglut
As discussed in the previous post, travel has just sort of become a fixed aspect of my life. When presented with any significant period of time off of work (with “significant” meaning “more than three consecutive days”) my fingers naturally bring up flight search aggregators. I mentally tick down the list of visited countries, and those other nations and cities nearby to which I have no trudged. I mentally pack a bag, think of how sunny and monsoony the destinations around me might be, and calculate necessary SPF. I am barely capable of planning what is for dinner each night, but I planning a vacation is as easy as drawing breath.

As such, a week-long break off of school seemed like the perfect time to jet down to sunny Singapore. Singapore: that place I realistically could not have jammed in while travelling either Malaysia nor Indonesia. Singapore: that nice-sounding city state with money and palm trees and a famously expensive and expensively famous eponymous beverage. Singapore: the place I am definitely buying plane tickets for. Away!

Religion being kind of my bag, I was deeply pleased to find so many mosques, temples, and mandirs within walking distance of my hostel. The very day that I arrived I set out, tore off my shoes, and walked through the gaze of as many deities as I could.

Vishnu and Pals
Rooftop Party
The God of Dragons

One of the most fruitful days in terms of photography was my visit to the Gardens by the Bay. It was pretty much the height of touristy extravagance with over-priced tickets and giant malls everywhere, but sometimes those sorts of things attract crowds for a reason. Enormous, simulated purple trees with vertical gardens and high-strung suspended walkways? I’m in.

Super Tree Grove

The big draw of the Gardens is the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome, two enormous closed-in greenhouses with controlled temperature and humidity. Essentially: pretty, strange flowers without the horrifying tropical heat of outdoor Singapore. Glorious!

Cactus Town II
Cloud Mountain Paths
Watcher of the Mountain Orchid

No journey would be complete for me without the inclusion of something deliriously weird or tacky, and Haw Par Villa provided with its coterie of grotesque plaster statues.

Wailing Goats
Hell for a Dandy

The best part of Haw Par, though, was the tunnel of hell. Inside you visited each of the different judges of hell as well as their associated punishments. For each crime and sin of human life there was an attendant torture in the underworld. Some seemed a little unmatched (evisceration for being mean to your in-laws! beheading for cursing!) but one of my favourites was that prostitutes were tossed in the filthy blood pond.

Filthy Blood Pond

Singapore. It was pretty cool. More photos available on the old Flickr.

Also check out this dude.
Jurong Bird(?) Park

12 thoughts on “Singapore Photoglut: An Expensive Beverage and a Filthy Blood Pond

  1. “travel has just sort of become a fixed aspect of my life”

    Permanent impermanence?

    Cracked did a spot on the exact Hell tour you went to. Their reaction to the Filthy Blood Pond was “clean blood would send the wrong message.”

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