Contest; The Shape of Things To Come

Hello friendship,

Recently I was alerted to the fact that one of you, floating out as you are in the internet ether, nominated me for Lexiophiles and’s Top International Exchange/Experience Blogs 2014. Now, like many of you, I had no idea what this website was. But there are two things which make my mouth-breathing, nerdy heart go pitter-patter: feeling like I’m on the beating pulse of the internet in some regard, and being nominated for various frivolous titles. This fulfils both! Thank you, mysterious stranger, for nominating me.

And thank all of you for going and clicking on this button below and voting for me (scroll down to “Stupid Ugly Foreigner,” click the tickbox, then scroll down further to vote). The prize is a donation to UNICEF made in my name. And also glory. Sweet, sweet glory.

Vote your favorite IX13 blog

Consider suturing this hyperlink to your forehead to broadcast the good word of SUF.

In other news, I have spent the last two weeks in the jungles of Myanmar. Also the hotels and major tourist attractions of Myanmar. Temples were seen, festivals were participated in, sacks of fermented “farmer drink” were consumed and sometimes violently expelled. On the first full day in the country we accidentally got sucked into a Tamil Hindu celebration where local men slid hooks through the skin of their backs and dragged heavy piles of coconuts while dancing. My feet were dirtier than they have ever been before. Travel!

Also, my friend developed something we decided to call “adventurrhea.” Stay tuned, words and pictures are coming soon.

One thought on “Contest; The Shape of Things To Come

  1. K, I voted.

    Nothing really substantive to say, just thought you should know in case you’re ever made to elect a hundred people to be taken on the exhumed space ark of an ancient civilization while the rest of humanity is left behind to be consumed by meteorite.

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