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Headless Buddha alley
Good day, compatriots.

I interrupt your usual flow of reading my mind-rending works of blogging supremacy to do a little housecleaning on what’s going to happen in the next few weeks. In quick summary: I’ve been offered a job in China at an international school, and unless I mangle the visa process or my blood test comes back positive for a whole whack of the syphilis, I intend on moving to China.

What does that mean for Michael, the man? Good stuff: employment. Money. Experience. More opportunity to travel Asia and the greater world. Access to endless supplies of Chinese food. A free apartment. Around 20 little kindling minds waiting to be sparked, and me with the flint.

What does that mean for Stupid Ugly Foreigner, the light of your lives? Hopefully nothing, other than a lot more posts about living in China. Obviously I will need to find some labyrinthine routes to get me back to WordPress from around the Golden Shield, but I figure if other bloggers manage, so will I. And if I am able to find the time and can schedule a few posts before I hop on the plane, the continuity of service here on SUF should continue uninterrupted. Before you know it, you’ll be drowning in noodles and baiju and stories about Chinese public transit, without even a gap as I am poked and prodded by Chinese doctors to make sure I’m not on the drugs. I can feel your excitement radiating through my computer screen like the warmth of an exploding star.

So hold onto your butts, SUFferers. Things are going to be getting China-centric real soon.

22 thoughts on “The Gettysblog Address

    • I have some friends who currently work at said school, and apparently their real estate agent gave them an enormous stack of taxi cards with addresses pre-written in Chinese.

      I will absolutely go the Neanderthal route and simply grunt and point at an address rather than subject them to trying to decipher my Korean.

  1. Congratulations! Jobs/money/etc are all really good things. Chinese food is even better. Win/win/win for us all! (Assuming you get to continue to write about them, of course. Otherwise I’ll be pretty darn sad.)

    • I have no plans to stop, unless the Chinese government gets involved.

      I have few plans to begin posting dissident materials, so I imagine they will have greater things to worry about than all my dumb musings on taxis and temples.

      • The fact that a government monitors and controls internet content is absolutely mind-blowing. I like the distraction tactic though! Sounds like you have a solid plan.

        • Yep. Given how speedy and free and wildly I used the internet in Korea (though it is not necessarily the same for actual Korean people in Korea), it felt so weird thinking that just across the sea all of the electronic world was locked up tight.

  2. Welcome! The firewall is scalable but wordpress won’t typically work without a VPN. I suggest you purchase and get it installed before you come. Astrill and Strong are two good choices. What city will you be in? Excited that you’ll be in my neck of the woods.

    The medical check up can be pretty intimidating. Hang in!

  3. OooOooOOooo….change. Scary awesome stuff. Hey, you wouldn’t happen to be relocating anywhere near Chengdu, would you? I’m going to be studying abroad and hopefully blogging from there. I get excited when I hear about people going.

      • Officially? East Asian Studies with a concentration in History & Religion. (The curriculum focuses on what the dealio is with minorities in China and general immersion, though classes and more formal education will still be had.) Can’t promise I’ll know all the cool places to be had, but perhaps I’ll be able to suggest a few by the time you make it down southwest.

  4. Amazing stuff! If all else fails go old school, call home and dictate. LOL I don’t think it will come to that. Good Luck and keep us posted, I’d hate to miss a segment of China: The Ugly Foreigner Has Arrived.

  5. I currently live in Beijing and I can tell you that all you need to access unfiltered internet (sounds like a cigarette, doesn’t it?) is a VPN or Virtual Private Network. I recommend finding one before you get here, since most of the VPN websites are blocked. I use Astrill and while it’s not perfect, it’s not bad either.

    • Yes, in my brief explorations of internet sneak-around, Astrill is the name that’s been ringing out. I will ask my friends who currently work at the same school what their bag is, and probably get it within the next few days!

  6. Congratulations, SUF! Good to hear that all your efforts and perseverance have finally paid off! Looking forward to reading of your Chinese life. Will you attempt the language with the same zeal with which you tackled Korean? Think you might meet up with topicless and confirm for us whether or not he is still alive?

    • I plan on writing the crap out of China and squeezing it for every last drop of sweet, sweet China juice. That sounds weird. I most certainly am aiming to learn as much Mandarin as possible, although that is certainly more daunting than Korean was.

      Topicless is still alive and well, if not writing as much. (He’s on my facebook, and has already confirmed his livelihood, and invited me to come destroy myself with baiju in Beijing.)

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