Mexico Photoglut: Sorry, I Only Eat Ham in Discotheques


Oh, internet, I have tricked you once again! In preparation for my trip to Mexico, I went on a writing spree and pre-posted 4(!) different jewels of blogging splendour to be released into the wilds as I stuffed my face with quesadillas and low-grade tequila for 100 pesos a bottle. Even as I appeared to be rhapsodizing about my entry into India and regaling you with my fascinating anecdotes and bon mots, I was in the wind, as I often am.

Why did I go to Mexico? Why, to reward myself for all of my hard work in unemployment! But seriously, there were a few reasons. Some of my best friends currently live there. I had been to Mexico once before, but on a cruise when I was 17, and barely for a day, to the point that I barely count it as a notch on my travel belt. I had been feeling down from the job hunt, which has involved 5 months of continuous resume-ing and cover letter-ing all across the globe. Also there was that chance that I could have won that free trip but I totally lost and felt bad about myself, and nothing perks me up like a big frivolous money-hemorrhage in another country!

What was I saying? Something about Mexico. Avocados? I swear I had something for this. You get the idea. Let’s go!

After finishing our big dumb Asia Megasojourn, my dearest friends returned to America for a time, where they also got to enjoy the whole wallowing-in-unemployment for a while. Then, on the most righteous of whims, they decided to move to Mexico to learn Spanish. They chose Guanajuato, and found a ludicrously beautiful house. This is the view from their enormous balcony:
Balcony View
Of course, in order to get to this view, you must trudge up a desolate, high-altitude callejón every single day for approximately 15 minutes. It is maybe probably worth it.
The Callejon
Before I forget to mention and underline this fact, Guanajuato is terribly picturesque. For mad-rad photos, the steps are the following: 1. Walk down random alley. 2. Begin taking pictures adequately.
The Calle
Classic Car
While my friends toiled not unpleasantly in their Spanish language school, I spent my days wandering the town, and occasionally areas near the town. Did you know Mexico has mummies, and also solid gold churches? But no solid gold mummies. What a country.
La Valenciana I
Crucifix for Sale
Secret Garden
Guanajuato was old-lookin’ generally, but young people were everywhere, which of course meant really dumb graffiti spray-painted by uncreative jagweeds. Luckily, the tags were mostly washed away by rampant weirdo stickering, enormous cool murals running down one or another in-town mountain, and lots of cool weird art displays. Take back the streets, y’all. Ideally, take them back with a paintbrush or a stencil.
Eagle of the Path
Pacman's Ghost
Escaped Jellyfish
Mother Mary of the Wall
Do you remember what I look like? How about Faith and Ty? They have been regular features in these here hallowed electronic pages, as I have been yammering on about them for several months while describing Asia. I purchased a new lens just before this trip, so here we all are again, this time in slightly better framing and image quality.
Number One
Orange and Mango
And let us end our time in Mexico at Hacienda San Gabriel de Barrera, which is a very photogenic place, and also smells like bougainvilleas. (I don’t know the name of this flower off-hand. My family is full of gardeners, I just asked them.)
Jardin San Francisco
Jardin Seating
Bench and Petals
Not pictured are the endless chorizo tortas I stuffed into my gullet. There are, however, pictures of some other pretty things from Mexico available on flickr. And coming soon: words on Mexico!
None of them will be in Spanish.

15 thoughts on “Mexico Photoglut: Sorry, I Only Eat Ham in Discotheques

  1. Mmm. Mexican food. I would very much love to visit Mexico (it is a little further from me than from you though). Until I am more affluent, I will visit a Mexican-style restaurant instead. Delicious.

  2. Next time go to the Yucatan peninsula, just avoid Cancun. Make sure you see Merida and surrounding areas as well as visit Isla Mujeres, i can even tell you where to stay…………….

  3. Wow, what hell am I doing in Hong Kong learning half-ass Cantonese and (just barely) keeping up my marginal Mandarin! I need to be there improving my mediocre Spanish.

    • I’m never going to not tell someone to move to Mexico to learn Spanish.

      (Also, shit: I don’t speak any Spanish, but after a week there I was understanding a scary amount. It’s probably a more manageable task than taking on Cantonese. That said: learning Cantonese is pretty difficult and thus also bad-ass.)

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