A Brief Soliliquy on Losing

So, I come to you day slightly crestfallen, as I did not win The Big Blog Exchange. I can’t deny being slightly disappointed, but it was a battle valiantly fought, and some of the other contestants have some really cool content, and others some really dynamite motivation. So congratulations and bon voyage to them.

I lied awake at three a.m., considering that I was not getting a free trip, and feeling weird about feeling bummed. Nobody owes me this. This company is not duty-bound to fund my travel based on my mental assessments of merit. And really, this contest has always been an extrinsic reward I’ve tacked on to something I find pretty intrinsically motivating. The existence of this blog is not contingent on the creation of a contest on the internet. I will continue to travel, and will continue to write, because those are things I like doing and planned on doing anyways. A free trip to Iceland or Spain or South Africa might have been nice, but I know me, and I know that I’ll get to each of those someday. And I’ll be writing the whole time, and hope you’ll come along with me.

See you on the road.

18 thoughts on “A Brief Soliliquy on Losing

  1. That’s it, I’m unfollowing this blog right now. Was nice while it lasted, but, clearly, for all this time you’ve been fooling hundreds (possibly thousands!) of us into reading a whole bunch of ruminations that just weren’t up to scratch. How could this happen???

    • Scientology has always been a valid alternative. This message sponsored by the Church of Scientology.

      The way is as yet unclear. I might be back to Korea for a year while I scrounge up as many AQs as I can.

  2. Commiserations on losing the competition, but squeals of delight that finally, someone other than me has used the Simpsons ‘ newsletter’ quote!

    Is it wrong for me to be happy that a writer dude I’ve never even met may be moving back to Korea?!

    • A much younger Stupid Ugly Foreigner was freakishly capable of reproducing entire Simpsons episodes by memory. I still have the best gems locked up top.

      Of course not. I’m excited by all sorts of strangers moving to Korea.

  3. I think you should also post Version 2 of this post.

    Also, to quote my mother, “everything happens for a reason”. It sucks now, but know you’ll definitely have a following when you embark on your next adventure!

    • Strangely, I like to think I have maintained a certain air of civility and class in this particular internet persona (big words coming from a guy who has written extensively about travel diarrhea, no?). I am reluctant to let my readers know exactly how petty I can be if I put my mind to it (that’s a joy my real life friends get to endure!)

      Yep, I can’t get too down about anything. And really, I’m a person who has the luxury to be able to either afford/hook myself into jobs that allow all of this travel. I can’t really shit all over something that might give some other people that same opportunity where they might not have otherwise had the chance.

  4. I am so bummed you lost. They just do not appreciate your dry wit. Poo poo to them that squander great talent such as yours. I can only think that the fates must have deemed you most talented and able to do well without their assistants.

    • I’ll leave it at: the guy from Canada who won had a motivation that could not be beat, even if, say, a different blog’s writing was dryer or wittier. Oh well.

      I like to think that the universe knows I’m going to just going to go and travel anyway.

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