Malaysia Photoglut: Do You Want to Break Free?

Up to Batu

During the few times where we were not sitting in food courts being entranced by mostly-Mandarin karaoke singing (but for one charming Chinese-Malaysian nymph that sang a bunch of Queen, but we’ll save those stories for another time), we occasionally went sight-seeing. Sight-seeing! Us! Doin’ things in another country! Malaysia is a country of fairly interesting and harmonious triarchal multiculturalism, resulting in wicked-cool temples and mosques and mandirs wedged in all over the place. It also does good things for their cuisine. They are also maybe the nicest people on the entire planet.

But you didn’t come here for my stupid words, or my dum-dum observations of Malaysian culture. Those are for next Tuesday. No, today, you are here for the pictures! Lubricate your eyeballs with vaseline and get ready to look at things!

A picture of Hanuman and then one of some monkey bars! Do you get it? Huh? The thematic tie-in? Don’t blame me if you are some uncultured boob. This is basic Hinduism.


Monkey Bars

The people of KL were slightly perturbed at the lack of research going into some new metro lines. We didn’t really understand their anger, what with being uncultured boobs in our own way, but boy were some of their protest posters pretty cool.

Protest Poster

Protest Poster

Protest Poster

Kekloksi: it was pretty cool. Also big! And maybe covered in rain.


Candle Set

Quan Yin's Pagoda

Kekloksi Guardian

Here’s Faith, standing over glorious Georgetown. It’s pretty full of Colonial history, and given how many cultures apparently invaded and hung around in Malaysia at various points, that means it’s pretty chock-full.

Faith in Georgetown

An Old Church

The Crest

Do you hear that sound? It is the mating call of the Indonesian macaque, which means (of course!) that it’s time for the near-end-post urban street art extravaganza!




The Thoughtful Pigeon

The Jaded Raven

Malaysia. It’s a place of dragons and majesty and really, really nice people. And monkeys. But monkeys are jerks.

Stone Dragon

8 thoughts on “Malaysia Photoglut: Do You Want to Break Free?

    • Little bit of camera, little bit of location (I tend to go places where things are pretty), and a healthy blast of post-production. And this is on my meagre knowledge of photo-editing. If I could ‘shop like some of my friends, these pictures would be insane.

  1. Michael, nice to see your photos back in print; you have a great eye for capturing a story with your pictures (maybe it is a genetic thing; maybe not).

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