A New Machine

A New Machine from Tony Clavelli on Vimeo.

Today I bring you “A New Machine,” an animated short film written, directed, built, and animated by my friend Tony Clavelli.

You may recall the previous movie he and I worked on together, and while I put in some help on this one (I’m grandpa! And also a doer of occasional things!) the dedication, creativity, devotion, and craft he showed in this project is goddamn staggering. Months and months of work gluing and building and chopping and fiddling and drawing and making and slamming things together. And it made this. And it’s pretty cool.

If you found this movie to be awesome, please share it in any way possible. Link to it. Embed it. Email it. Refresh it over and over. Tell people in person. Tell people through telepathy. Encourage others to view it through interpretive dance. Send it out by raven. Put the entire video into a bottle and huck it into the ocean. I don’t mean to sound overzealous, but we are really trying to get the word out about this movie, to show off the amazing work Tony put together.

Also, he’s an intergalactic space robot, and he might destroy our planet if we don’t get enough views. Just something to think about.

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