Taipei Photoglut: Liver Delivery

Temple time
As I am currently fending off a particularly noxious strain of fever and insomnia, my ability to cogently string together human communicative fragments into your beloved, bourgeoisie “sentences” has declined. It took me three tries to write that sentence, and I’m relatively confident it was in English. If not, take the various constituent parts and construct, if you will, a hilarious insight about me, the world, or the human condition. I know you can do it.

While I convalesce, here are some vacation photos from Taipei, a quaint little burg in northern Taiwan, with some mad dumpling skillz. Watch and read and maybe don’t expect a lot in the way of interstitial commentary.

Taiwan: shockingly, they really love Chiang-Kai Shek.

The biggun

The grounds

Midday march


Din Tai Fung. You should eat there. They are all over Asia, and there are a few now on the west coast of the U.S. They are tasty.

Din Tai Fung


And now, some night photography! Sure is a good thing I have no idea how to capably take photos at night.

I'll fix it in post

Night gate

Night food

Weird things in jars for sale

Shilin market

You think I’d go somewhere in Asia without hanging out in some temples? Well, actually, I don’t know what you think. I’m talking to an imaginary interlocutor. The fever makes me think he’s hostile.

Roof adornment

Downtown temple

Jade market

Tea and broth

Join me next week, comrades, as I either recuperate fully and sling mad verbiage at your faces, or wade deep into my own fever dreams and maybe fight dragons or ride on the back of Margaret Thatcher through the wartorn landscape of YA dystopian novel “Insurgent”. We’ll see! I’d say the odds are 50/50.

10 thoughts on “Taipei Photoglut: Liver Delivery

  1. Hope you are cured by now. Do they stick needles in you for fever in Taiwan? Dont scare those poor parents back home.

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