Majestic Cherry Blossom Miracle Frolic Weekend

The royal tombs

Sometimes the universe just conspires to provide you with a perfect day. We set out to Gyeongju based on the predictions of the cherry blossom forecast, hoping that we would be there for peak bloom time (both of these are regularly announced on national and local news at this time of year). We were not disappointed: the city streets were soft with tumbling petals, and above us were huge canopies of heavy branches, soaked in thousands of blossoms bursting. The sun shone at a calmly pleasant spring-time balminess, and everywhere around us people rode on tandem bikes and cradled great clusters of flowers to their faces, as though enamoured with splendour. When we became just too tired from all the traipsing through enormous fields of flowers and being showered with petals, we burrowed into the side of a hill and whiled the day away while sunshine poured between drooping boughs.

Also, it was pretty.

The path


Gutter blossom

The gate

Hanging out



The bough

Gyerim forest

The buzz

The cherry rain

A book and a cozy nook



Sunset cherry

Many thanks to dear friends Faith, Erin, Ty, Tony, and Bobby for all going together, and sitting around photogenically near cherry blossoms. Also thanks to the planet Earth, for being all purty and what-not.

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