China Photoglut: Top the Bongwer

Boats and pagodasThat my life of the last two months has consisted almost entirely of being on vacation has made it somewhat difficult to generate your regular supplement of verbiage. My feet are worn, leathery husks, my belly is full of the strange and the delicious, and my brain feels as though it was encased in a quivering, wriggly layer of jello, from which there is no safe passage. As always in these times, I instead bring you photos from my vacation: part bragging, part stalling, all filler! Roil in the joyousness of my time in Suzhou and Shanghai, and imagine yourself possessing my person through astral projection and time travel, and being there to explore the land with your/my own eyeballs.



Headless Buddha alley

On the riverside


Window to a something else

Hey, since we’re halfway through here, I think it’s time for a mid-post pagoda party! Everyone get your hats, cake, and celebratory bullwhips!


The house with circles

The North Pagoda

Garden time

Hillside pagoda

And now we return to your less thoroughly-pagodaed photoglut.

Someone loves Andrew


The wall


Whiskey, Titanic

Shanghai cityscape

Communism here

Trinket town

Empty gardens

Panmen Gate

Words of wisdom coming soon, once my brain functions in the way of human brains.

10 thoughts on “China Photoglut: Top the Bongwer

  1. Wow Michael, exquisite. I particularly like the glass (scotch?)-absolutely stunning. Just what the doctor ordered for this crappy, snowy day in Toronto.

    • I’m glad they could bring some warmth (although it wasn’t all that warm in Shanghai at the time). The whiskey we ordered was meant to be neat, so we laughed pretty hard when our glasses arrived with icebergs in them.

  2. Funny, I too liked the shot of the “shot” but assumed it was Rye Whiskey or Bourbon as no one would ever put ice into Scotch!

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