Vietnam Photoglut: You Got Your Đong Wet


Marching onwards in this vacation-palooza I’ve got going, here is the second photoglut from January. After blasting through the major sights of Cambodia, we turned our sights on southern Vietnam. One bus, a hilarious lax border control and a stamped visa later, we were on Vietnamese soil, looking for our first bowl of food. We arrived just in time for Lunar New Year, to watch Saigon go from the bewildering, swarming, traffic-horror dimension to that of a quiet mini-city, ruled only by ghosts and the occasional tangerine tree. Vietnam: let’s look at it!

Flower festival

Banh Mi + Kebab

Get the tree home


Tet spread

Balloon lady

It was Lunar New Year, and thus: thar be dragons.


Happy New Year

Flower fire


New Year's festival

Saigon by night




Climb on up!

Hello there

Fresh honey and tea


Nha Trang

10 thoughts on “Vietnam Photoglut: You Got Your Đong Wet

  1. Great shots; love the explosion of colour and the variety of subject matter and as always some interesting perspectives in your compositions.

  2. Vietnam! Where even the boats have a spare tire! The land of gyros!? And fowl turned into horrors! And Italian rolls. Looks like I’d like Vietnamese food!

    I really shouldn’t talk — as soon as we spotted it, we had to eat at the Pizza Hut in Beijing, just to see if it was authentic. It was. Place-mats had instructions on how to eat pizza though, down to which hand you should hold the slice in and pepsi in the other…

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