Central Park Photoglut: Experience Hello Kitty Fantasy World

Old and New

The convergence of my birthday, the last throes of my online course, and the need to plan Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and all my vacations has left me a little short on time. Meaning, of course, that it’s time to drench you with waves of my amateur photography! I can feel your excitement.

Recently, the world and the internet collided, as I hung out with new photobuddy Ginny. I met Ginny after the most recent flock of people arrived in Incheon: she spotted me, came up to me, and told me she recognized me from this blog. Then the world divided by zero, and we decided to hang out and take photos. Here we journey to Incheon Central Park (humorously named because it is actually almost as far south as you can possibly go on the Incheon subway), to take photos of whatever would be there.

Most of my knowledge of Central Park had to do with a flurry of advertisement from when I first arrived in Korea. Central Park was then the location of the grand Korean Bible Expo, essentially a giant diorama of person-sized Biblical figures: religiously fulfilling, but also creepy and weird in the way that only giant, poorly constructed wire-and-plaster figurines can be. Even better, it has apparently fallen into great disuse, and thus most of the figurines are decayed and crumbling, the sets shattered and rusted. Alas, we could not find the abandoned Bible Expo. But at least we got our fix of Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Planet
Design Studio
Hello Man-Kitty?
Orb of things
After some walking, we discovered pods of people clustered around ajummas, who were holding the reins of giant kite chains (really, really big kite chains). Being the nerds we were, we immediately rushed these old women and clambered about them, desperately trying to capture a giant thing of kites, because: cool! Nearby one of the women was a cameraman, recording her for the news, or some sort of promotional material. It is a common Korean impulse to capture white people enjoying things in Korea, and indeed, I was soon being filmed smiling and taking pictures of the kite flyer. Ginny, Asian and thus ignored, wandered around taking photos, until I spoke English to her, outing her as non-Korean, and then she was also immortalized on whatever weird local colour news story that would later be broadcast.
Kite Lady 2
Incheon Kites
Kite Lady 1
Central Park
The subway stations get more and more opulent and cool the further south you go in Incheon. This one had a whole wall done in these tiles.
Subway tile
Songdo can sometimes feel like it’s not really Korea, because it’s so built up, but still so empty. Once everything is done, it will surely be as jam-packed as the rest of Korea, but for now it is comparatively a ghost-town. However, that means most of its photographable spaces are empty. Score.
Pots in the water

I have words, and they will be coming soon. Hold tight.

14 thoughts on “Central Park Photoglut: Experience Hello Kitty Fantasy World

  1. Michael, talk about timing, we were in the other Central Park on Sunday as Gwen and I travelled to New York for a long weekend with friends and I too have many photos (think I took 220) but I don’t have a Blog to display them like you do. Love your shots, especially the ones with the ladies with the kites and the doorway pic – great perspective shots. Hope you had a great birthday. Cheers, Glenn

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