Gapyeong Photoglut: River Rocks & Stoicism

The river

Handed the boon of yet another fall long weekend, I quickly agreed to go on a roadtrip with some of my friends. The road part of the trip definitely took longer than expected (I will discuss this more in the future), but once we finally arrived at the pension, the time was glorious. We stayed up late enjoy prodigious amounts of pork that rode along with us in the car, followed by in-house norae bang. The next morning, I took to the river for early mornin’ wandering and picture taking. A note on the portraits: when you sit yourself down on river rocks, your body naturally splays you out to look stoic. This is just mad fact.

Road crew

Pictured left: how norae bang makes you feel when you’re singing. Pictured right: how it makes you feel when anyone else is.



A brief interlude: beachcombing found object extravaganza!

Creepy pig-bear clock thing! Rusty wires included.
Found: Creepy bear clock

Discarded slippers, gently used.

Found: slippers

A giftbag! Contents: mystery.

Found: gift bag

The river

Babbling brooks





Roadside flowers

My photo-editor: I got a better one. Happy trails.

10 thoughts on “Gapyeong Photoglut: River Rocks & Stoicism

  1. Your photography is really developing (no pun intended); you should number them so it is easier to make specific comments. Love the early morning light – always my favourite as it is softer than the evening light – and love the unique perspective that the eye does not always see. Cheers, Glenn

  2. Beautiful pictures! I see you have a wacky group. I’m inferring my conclusion base on the 2 noraebang guys. Epic expressions! Love the shy pink daisies too!

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