Where We Are: Several Dozen Sundays

Where We Are from Tony Clavelli on Vimeo.


For the past bazillion years, I have been spending my Sundays with some friends who are now no longer in Korea. What were we doing? Cutting out legs. Putting white-out pens on construction paper. Taking thousands and thousands of pictures of a little dude running away from big horrible monsters. Occasionally leaving for life-providing freedom and sustenance and also healthy, healthy snacks.  After months of work, carpel tunnel from producing mass amounts of differently articulated red limbs, and Tony’s apartment becoming a giant puppet field, here is the completed project. I am proud to have been some part of it.

(Also, check out the rest of Tony’s videos on vimeo, because you really, really should.)

12 thoughts on “Where We Are: Several Dozen Sundays

  1. And I thought you were in Korea to teach! This is as good or better than any NFB of Canada piece I have seen. Great job; great result! Glenn

    • Whenever we met on Sundays, we would start the day in 7-11, buying snack fuel for the work to come. Our friend Adam always mentioned he would be purchasing something particularly healthy, while drifting over to the pre-packaged sticky buns, and resisting our protests. “But it has to be healthy, it has calories.”

  2. What an impressive piece! The style reminds me of something between the genius incarnations of Monty Python and David Firth (albeit less dark and disturbing), but with a unique character of its own. Keep up the awesome work!

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