Stupid Ugly Foreigner: Live and in Colour

Hey folks!

This is more of an ad for Incheon-bound people, rather than all of you lovely and more numerous people living in the far-off places of the world.


“Expressions” Open Mic Night at the F-Hole Cafe (laugh it up, perverts), around 8:30 in Bupyeong Market area (exit 31 of the Bupyeong Station underground, go straight, turn left at the K2, it’s in front of an elementary school, you can’t miss it).

I will force air through my vocal cords and then shape this air with my jaws, tongue, and lips to make audible sounds. These audible sounds will carry meaning straight into your earballs, where the signal will then travel to your brain. There, it will communicate via neural pathways to your Funny Centres, which will in turn cause you to laugh and maybe pee a little bit. Fun will be had.

Tonight I will be performing one of my greatest hits (by which I mean: I will sit on a stool reading fucking words that I once posted on the internet which some people liked) as an actual person to other actual people in the real world! More importantly, other, more talented individuals will also appear and do things more appropriate to such a live venue. Songs! Poetry! Instrumental music! Dogs playing poker!  Come for me, but stay for the actual entertainment.

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