Squid Sausage and the Parascope: Seoul and Sokcho Photoglut

Big Buddha

Another month, another post where I stall by showing you the places I go via camera, rather than shaggy dog anecdote with occasional jokes for good measure. A few weeks back, I jetted (or generally meandered) to coastal Sokcho for hiking, ojingo sundae, and fireworks. Fun was had, mountains were hiked, photo opportunities exhausted. And, just the other day (!), I went with a dear-friend and similar camera enthusiast (hi Nancy!) to Seonyudo Park in Seoul to take pretty pictures and laze the day away in obnoxious Korean summer heat. Behold!



Hey y'all.


The climber

Yours truly, slightly tuckered out by the hike.

The eagle-eyed amongst you may recognize the following imagine from elsewhere on this blog. I wonder if you’ll figure out where, you internet sleuths!

A nice day on the pier

And now we arrive in parkland for photo fun day.


In Korean,



Under the bridge


12 thoughts on “Squid Sausage and the Parascope: Seoul and Sokcho Photoglut

  1. Michael, lots of great shots though I think my favourite is the 5th from the end (with the three bolts). On a side note, Gwen is buying me a new Canon for my birthday – likely a 5D Mark II. If I get over there next year with your Dad looks like there are lots of things to photograph!

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