Busan Photoglut: The Life Aquatic

Haeundae Beach

So this last weekend was a long one in Korea: Children’s day fell on the Thursday, and Buddha’s Birthday fell on the Tuesday. Most schools threw everyone a bone and gave off one of the sandwich days (really nice schools gave both and bestowed a six day weekend), and thus I saw a stretch of vacation time and effed off to the opposing coast of Korea, to glorious Busan. Busan, land of actual beaches, and wildlife and stuff. Land of fog. Land of sewer-gas. The eagle-eyed amongst you may recognize a nautical theme amongst these photos: as a major port town and possessor of the enormous Jagalchi fish market, water-related photography opportunities were thick on the ground. Behold.

Haedong Yonggungsa






Go fish


Buddha’s Birthday lantern intermission!

Hey Buddha,



The wishes

We return to your regularly scheduled photoglut.

Buddhist temples

Always take off your shoes

Fishing on the pier

In the tank

Love locks

Oh hello

11 thoughts on “Busan Photoglut: The Life Aquatic

  1. Hey, I was in Busan last weekend too. Wasn’t the fog eerie on Sunday? It was so bright and sunny yet the big white bridge was shrouded in a creeping fog. I couldn’t help thinking of the Stephen King short story “The Mist”. I still managed to get sunburn though.

  2. Great photos here I know that I am reading these out of order but I was away in Windsor for the weekend (with a view of downtown Detroit from my window – not as exciting or pretty as Busan).

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