Housecleaning in the Echo Chamber

Hello, gentle readers. I know that you are out there, funneling words from my fingertips directly into your own eyeballs, and I am flattered that people go on reading this blog on a regular basis. But sometimes, I run out of things to say. Despite living in another country and daily experiencing weird things beyond my previous imaginings, I find nothing is humorous or bizarre enough to preserve in splendorous internet amber. I wither and my fingers twitch over a sullen, silent keyboard as I try to figure out what the hell to talk to you guys about.

Now is not one of those times, mind you (I’ve got like six posts gestating on my flash drive), but it’s happened before. It will happen again. To insulate myself against the ensuing panic when I can’t think of what to write, I bring thee this: Ask Me Anything. A place where you, the viewer, can express your deepest, innermost queries about me and my life, as I know these issues consume your very spirit even as we speak. Ask me about life, Korea, and teaching, or just tell me how much you love and worship/loathe and despise me and everything I put to words. (Or, do it by email! stupiduglyforeigner [at] gmail [dot] com)

Onward, internet soldiers.

4 thoughts on “Housecleaning in the Echo Chamber

  1. Interesting post! You want your readers to do your blog this time around. Well I could tell you that I was on my way to Korea to see you when I got sidelined on the way by your cousing Shannon and was forced to spend the week with her and Chuck skiing in Revelstoke which now boasts the greatest vertical drop in North America – slightly over 5600 feet – passing Whistler last year with the addition of a new gondola. And while that is not Korean, I am sure that someone skiing there was likely from Korea; I mean whay wouldn’t they be. Anyway, my dear wife missed me and I her so I returned home only to have her take off to Korea but she too was sidelined and ended up in Dallas to recieve an award for Strategic Planning. Oh well, you can’t say we did not try to get there. The above being said, we heard of the storms in south Korea and so were probably fortunate to leave the possible journey to a later date say when the blossoms come out in April/May unless of course you are off to some other exotic location in Asia on your voyage of discovery and self-fulfillment. But now I ramble on and this is your blog so I will sign off for today and let some of your other followers excite you with their eloquence.


    • All of these bumps on your road to Korea!

      There were storms in South Korea? We had a little bit of rain last weekend, but not too much… My dad told me the same thing, said the news was reporting we had record snowfalls, but it wasn’t anywhere near me.

      April/May are the money time in Korea (unless it’s yellow dust season. You may want to check and make sure before you come for that time), because the weather is fine and things are extra pretty.

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