Chasing the Dragon: Hong Kong Photoglut

From the pier

As posts continue to percolate in my swollen, post-vacation glob of a brain, I bring you more purty pictures from abroad. After Thailand I flew on a ludicrously nice plane to Hong Kong and stayed (for freesies!) with a friend in his family’s apartment. We explored the islands, and my shoes got wet, and also it was Lunar New Year, so there were craptons of rabbits and dragons all over the place. We didn’t eat stinky tofu, but we smelled it. Cadbury’s chocolate was widely, gloriously available. I will expand upon these in my later posts, but those are the (only) important aspects. For now, bask a hobbyists futile, masturbatory attempts to be arty.

Night, HK

Street market

Lunar New Year flowers

Times Square

HK skyline


The streets


Oh, hi there.

Beach walls

Almost touching

High tides

Under the stairs


Dragon chasing

Shanghai street


Lotus Ladies of Lantau

Big Buddha

22 thoughts on “Chasing the Dragon: Hong Kong Photoglut

  1. Loved the photos; my favourite is the light bulb. Your talent grows grasshopper; soon you will be able to walk the rice paper and take photos without leaving a mark or making a sound!

    • I’m going to quit yammering about myself in self-deprecation as it begins to approach it’s own self-absorption, but thank you very much! I’m so used to photography as a hobby I only take seriously as far as I don’t have to learn about it too much, so I’m quite flattered.

  2. Hey buddy, awesome photos, and im not just being nice, I’m actually kinda jealous, as someone who tries to sell my photography, you have an abundance of beauty to photograph and honestly, you’re doing it justice…. I’m sooo glad you got that camera, and I am looking to paint something, any favourite photos you would like painted with proper credit and a copy =) ???
    miss u much !! =) – insert interweb hug here-

    • Part of it, and this is from my friend Faith, “If I take photos of a pretty thing, then I’ve pretty much got a pretty photo.” There’s no specific one that I really want painted, I was crazy satisfied with a lot of these (and my personal favourites might not translate perfectly into paint, as I loooved the one of the people on the beach as soon as I took it). The bamboo one might be good, but I don’t want it to be too similar to any of your other pieces.

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