Well, damn it.

So, this is happening.

SKorea: NKorea fires artillery onto island

Cue my family probably emailing me soon to make sure that I continue living. I am fairly certain the Koreans will tell me there is nothing to worry about. (Although, hilariously, they are of extremes when it comes to this sort of thing. According to one of my Korean friends’ facebook update: “we are dead!!!! crazy north korea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they shotted 50cannonballs to yeonpyeongdo!! its in incheon!!! damn!!!! i should go to busan!!!!”)


6 thoughts on “Well, damn it.

  1. Right, now your mother will worry and we were just going to try to keep her from watching or reading the news today. Nothing to worry about, the Chinese won’t let this happen and there are a lot more of them than there are North Koreans!

    • I already called home last night (well, morning for you guys) to continue assurance that I am alive. I think this will be another one of those “Tensions are high on the Korean peninsula! Much like the last five decades!” sort of skirmishes, where things return to a gentle simmer soon after. I hope.

  2. Normally I would suggest hiding in your bathtub until the shelling stopped, however, in your case I think it might make more sense to get under the bed. Be brave, my glorious cousin, be brave.

    • I could wedge myself between the washing machine and the bathroom wall, if that will provide me with any safety.

      My courage does not waver. My natural fear of incendiary devices does, though, and thus my passport is ready should the time come.

  3. This was the highlight of my conversation last night. When we spoke, my language exchange partner told me that rumour was, we were expected to die within the next 5 minutes. Luckily, we would not be dying alone. Yes, thanks friend, that makes death a lot more comforting – let’s count down our last breath together.

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