Korea is Pretty: Suwon Photoglut

Suwon traditional village

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And sometimes, I don’t have a decent post written, and the thousand words aren’t ready to be crammed down the gaping maw of the internet. Today I went to Suwon, a traditional village area near the outskirts of Seoul, to poke around nature, see some people playing Korean Pioneer Village, and walk around HwaSong Fortress. Without a real post to put up, and with nothing really to communicate about Suwon beyond what can be taken from the following shots, I give you this. In sum: Suwon is really pretty, you guys.

Pot in Suwon

A lady

What 'chu lookin' at?


Rhe back


Michael loves Korea


Traditional house

A plant

Light post

Smiling faces

6 flags over Suwon

HwaSeong fortress

The river

6 thoughts on “Korea is Pretty: Suwon Photoglut

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  3. Hey Michael. Not only your writing is a treat-these pictures are beautiful. You are becoming quite the photographer! Now let me be an aunt for a moment-you are looking a little thin…just saying. An article in the New York times today (don’t be impressed-it’s free with the Toronto Star) says that cabbage in Korea is very expensive right now. Are you suffering from lack of kimchi? (again, just saying)

    • Yeah, keep in mind, these shots are the result of me taking probably 200 in one day, and stumbling upon a couple of gems.

      Indeed, the kimchi famine is striking everyone pretty hard. Just pray that I survive the coming kimchi riots.

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